100% Attendance for Autumn 2020

Miss French came down with a special surprise for some of us. Anyone who had 100% attendance for the Autumn Term was given a certificate and could choose a prize from the trolley. There were 17 of us in total who all got a certificate and a prize. Well done to everyone! Will you win for the Spring Term?

Sewing Puppets

We have been working hard this week to design and make our Christmas puppets.

We drew the design into our sketch books, we chosen the colour of the fabric we wanted to use and the colour of thread, then we chose which stitch we wanted to use from our practise session. Then we got busy!

We are super proud of our sewing efforts!

Bread Experiment – Part 2

You might remember last week, we set up an experiment to see which piece of bread would be the mouldiest. We left the bread for a week in a sealed bag and the results are in…

The winner of the mouldiest piece of bread was dirty hands!

We have learnt the importance of washing our hands after we go to the toilet, before we have something to eat and if we sneeze or cough into our hands. We don’t want the germs to get into our bodies and make us poorly. We have seen first hand how germs can be transferred and can make us poorly.

Christmas Party/Jumper Day

On Friday, it was a double whammy for us. Party day and Christmas Jumper Day!

Everyone came dressed in their party clothes and/or Christmas jumpers.

We went into the hall and had the snow machine on. It was so much fun and it felt like it was actually snowing inside the hall. The. We played some party games like pass the parcel, musical statues and we had a dancing competition.

Finally it was back to the classroom to tuck into some delicious party food. We ended our special day with some Christmas karaoke!