Performance Poetry in Pearl Class

Today we have been learning a new poem about our 5 senses. It was written by Andrew Fusek Peters.

You’re so sweet! said Lickety Lips,

Keep in touch! said Fingertips

See you soon! said Eye with a wink

Said the nose, Don’t cause a stink!

Hear me out! said the ears immense,

Together we make a lot of SENSE!


Together, we worked as a team to learn and rehearse the poem. We had a go at putting a beat to the poem to keep us in time and we added actions to help us to remember the poem. At the end, we performed it as a big group.







In Science this half term, we are learning all about plants.

We looked at what we knew already about plants and then what we wanted to know. We will complete the last section of the grid at the end of the term.


Then we looked at some seeds. Seeds come in all different shapes and sizes. We wonder which of the seeds will germinate first? Which ones do you think will germinate first?


Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the seeds in the classroom! Look out for roots or the first shoots growing.

What do plants need to survive?
Ask an adult at home, look in a non-fiction book or use the Internet to find out.

Arcimboldo inspired pizzas

We have been looking at the artist Arcimboldo in Y2. He is an artist who was alive over 400 years ago. He is famous for creating portraits of people but used fruit and vegetables for the different features of the face.

We have had lots of fun, using fruit and vegetables to create our own fruit and vegetable faces and we even made pizzas inspired by Arcimboldo.