Books at Bedtime

In FS and KS1, we have been celebrating books at bedtime. Every day for 3 weeks, we have been reading a bedtime story with our adults at home. We love reading with our adults at home!.

‘Reading books at bedtime will help us to get better at reading.’ Faith

‘Books are brilliant to read at bedtime.’ Lily May

‘Reading books gives us a better imagination for when we are at school.’ Lewis

Each week, we would bring back our cards to say which books we had read that week and then someone would get chosen at random to win a prize. At the end of 3 weeks, a grand prize winner was chosen from every class.

We had a pyjama day to celebrate the end of the books at bedtime competition and we got to come to school in our pyjamas and bring a special book and teddy to school with us. We had a special assembly where we could share our special books with our friends. Even out teddies enjoyed listening to the stories.

Books at bedtime

What you could do to support your child at home:

1. Sharing stories with your child is so important. Find a quiet space away any distractions and read your child’s favourite book to them.

2. Visit the library and borrow books free of charge.

3. Retell your child’s favourite story in a variety of ways – using puppets, just using the pictures, using different voices for each character.


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