Florence Nightingale Workshop

This week, we have had history come to life! As a special treat to finish the end of our topic, Florence Nightingale came to our school. It felt like we were actually in the Crimean War helping Florence Nightingale or being one of the soldiers.

We got a chance to dress up and it was so much fun. We could be Florence Nightingale, one of the nurses who helped her or we could have been one of the soldiers.

The lady brought lots of different artefacts with her so we had the opportunity to handle real-life objects like they would have had in 1854. There was even a severed hand in there too!

We had learnt that the hospitals in Scutari were disgusting. They were full of flea-ridden rats, the food was often mouldy, the water was infected and the injured soldiers often had to sleep on the floor as there were no beds left for them to rest on.

When Florence and her nurses came, she began to change all of this. Florence was using her own money to look after the soldiers and they started to get better. We have learnt that she had a nickname. The soldiers used to call her ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ because during the night, Florence would go and check up on the soldiers to make sure that they were okay with a small lamp.

Everyone had so much fun, teachers included! A massive thank you to Florence for coming to visit us.

What you can do to support your child’s learning at home:

  • Ask your child if they can recall any of the facts that have learnt about Florence Nightingale.
  • Click here to play a game and learn more about Florence.

Environment Week 2016

This week, our whole school have been looking at how we treat the environment and how we could look after the environment better.

In KS1, we have been concentrating on recycling.


We have read lots of stories about recycling. Our favourites are Michael Recycle, George Saves the World by Lunchtime and Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish.

Together, we decided that we were going to become Environmental Superheroes and wrote an oath to help look after the environment. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • I promise to turn off lights when I leave a room. 
  • I promise to turn off the tap to save water when I am brushing my teeth. 
  • I promise to make sure that all litter goes in a bin and not on the floor. 
  • I promise to reuse plastic bottles as drink bottles for school. 
  • I promise not to use down trees or pick flowers from the garden. 


recycle logorecycle logorecycle logorecycle logorecycle logo

We learnt about the 3 R’s in Recycling.

  1. Reuse
  2. Reduce
  3. Recycle

By reusing materials such as plastic bottles and plastic carrier bags, we are reduce the amount of landfill that humans create every year.

We can recycle a huge amount of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, metal, glass and many many more. Have a look around your house. Is there anything that you could recycle instead of just throwing it away.


We swapped around the different classrooms to learn  more about recycling. Take a look at the photographs below to see what we got up to.

Y2 Pearl - CVY2 Pearl - NDY2 Pearl - VM

We have enjoyed learning all about recycling and we are going to make a bigger effort to do more of it at home and at school.

Click here to play a recycling game called Recycle!

Click here to play a recycling game called Sort and Recycle.

Click here to help Barnaby Bear to recycle some materials.


What you could do to help your child’s learning at home:

  • Look what materials objects are made from and decide if they can be recycled.
  • Use some of the links above to play the recycling games.
  • Sort materials into recyclable and non-recyclable at home.
  • Use recyclable materials for design and making. E.g. jewellery or art. 
  • Reusing plastic bottles or carrier bags.

Wear it Wild Day 2016


Today, we have been celebrating the WWF Wear it Wild Day to help raise money for endangered animals. If you decided to dress up, you needed to bring £1 to school.

We came to school dressed as different wild animals. Some of us wore masks, animal onesies and some of us even had face paint on!

There was a prize for the best costume. In Pearl class, the lion costume won. An excellent costume choice today!

If you would like to learn more about WWF and Wear it Wild Day, please click here.

Things that you could do at school with your child:

  • Talk about what the word ‘endangered’ means.
  • Look at the website on the link above.
  • Think about how we can look after endangered species.
  • Maybe visit a local park or wildlife centre in the holidays to take a closer look at some wild animals.

Florence Nightingale Role Play Area

We  are so excited to be learning about Florence Nightingale that Miss Varley has created Scutari hospital for us to recreate what it must have been like during the Crimean War.


We have learnt that Scutari is in a place called Turkey so we have the Turkish flag up.



We have learnt that Florence was having to look after soldiers in disgusting conditions.

  • Soldiers were having to sleep on the floor.
  • There was no clean water to drink or bathe in.
  • Food was often mouldy or stale.
  • There were lots of rats and they were covered in disease and ran around the hospital, passing their bacteria and disease around.
  • Many soldiers died from infection rather than their actual wounds.

We have also looked at a timeline of Florence Nightingale’s life to learn facts like when she was born, how old she was when she died.


We love dressing up and using our imagination to try and imagine what it must of been like for Florence, her nurses and the soldiers.

What you could do at home:

  • Find out who Florence Nightingale is.
  • Find out why is she important to nursing.
  • Visit the library to find books about Florence.
  • Use the internet to research more about the life of Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale

flo lettering

This half term, we are learning about Florence Nightingale.


Here are some questions that we have been asking so far:

  • Who is she?
  • Why is she important?
  • When was she born?
  • How old was she when she died?
  • Why is she called Florence?
  • When did the Crimean War start?
  • Where is Scutari?
  • What were the hospitals like in Scutari?
  • What did Florence do in Scutari?
  • What happened to Florence when she came back to England?

If you know any of the answers to our questions, please comment below, telling us how you are and any facts you know about Florence Nightingale.

Thank you x