Life Cycles

This half term, we are learning all about life cycles in Science. We already know about the human life cycle and about the life cycle of a seed to a sunflower so we decided to learn the life cycles of some other animals.

We were very surprised when Miss Varley brought not one but two surprises in our classroom this week.

First we got some caterpillars after learning about how they transform into butterflies.


They may look tiny now but just wait a few weeks. We bet they don’t stay like that for long!

Our second surprise was this:



Miss Varley won’t tell us what kind of eggs these are but we know they definitely came from a farm. What kind of eggs do you think they are? Why don’t you comment below to let us know. We can’t wait until they have hatched!

Our suggestions so far include a chick, a duckling and a gosling. What do you think?

What you could do at home:

  • Talk to your child about what a life cycle is.
  • Match the names of adult animals to their babies.
  • Visit a farm or zoo to see animals and their babies.

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