Sewing Puppets

Today we have been designing and making our own puppets. We could choose whatever we wanted to make.

First we designed our puppets and then thought about what we’d need to make it.

Then we drew around a template to get the shape of our puppet. We had to choose the right colour thread and thread a needle. This was tricky and we needed a bit of help to get this job done.

We used an up and over stitch to hold our two pieces of felt together. This took time and we couldn’t rush it.

Once we had finished our sewing, we were able to decorate it.

We used a technique called Critique to help us to assess our friend’s work half way through.

The 3 main points of Critique are:

1. Be kind – don’t be unkind about anyone’s work.

2. Be helpful – give useful advice.

3. Be specific – don’t be vague.

After we had critiqued each other’s work, we were able to finish our puppets.

We are very proud of them, what do you think?

What we have been learning?

– How to use scissors and needles safely.

– How to cut around a template

– Following a design.

– Adding decorations.

– Being critical of each other’s work

What you could do to support your child at home:

– Give your child opportunities to practise their sewing skills

– Retell or make up a story using the puppet

– Write a story including the puppet


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