Grandparent’s Afternoon

National Grandparents Day is Sunday 2nd October in the UK so FS and KS1 wanted to let our grandparents know how special they are to us by having an afternoon just for them.

We played games, ate biscuits and drank juice and had a lovely time!

Thank you for always being there for us when we need you the most! We love you!PicCollage.png


3 thoughts on “Grandparent’s Afternoon

  1. Hi Pearl Class

    Lexi “Was it fun with your grandparents?”

    Harry – Wyatt “Did you enjoy it?”

    Oliver “Did you have fun playing games and drinking?”

    Charlotte “What games did you play?”

    Leo “Did your grandparents like it?”

    From Birch Class


    • Good morning Birch class
      Thank you for looking at our blog.
      It was lots of fun having our grandparents in school for the afternoon and they enjoyed it too. The cakes and biscuits were yummy. We played lots of board games and drew pictures with our grandparents.
      What sorts of things do you do with your grandparents?
      Love from Pearl class xx


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