In Art, we have started to learn about a new artist called Guiseppe Arcimboldo. He was born in Milan, Italy in 1527 and he died in 1593, aged 63. We worked out that he was alive almost 500 years ago.


Arcimboldo was famous for creating portraits and images made from unusual things such as fruit and vegetables, flowers and animals. If you look carefully, you can see the different things that he had used to created the images.

We used some images of fruit and vegetables to create our own fruit and vegetables faces. Can you see which fruit and vegetables we have used for the different features?

PicCollage (3).png

How to continue the learning at home:

  • Can you make your own fruit and vegetable inspired face?
  • Go to the supermarket and ask your child what different kinds of fruit and vegetables they can see and name?
  • Try and taste some fruit and vegetables your child may not have tried before. What do they taste like? Can your child use adjectives to describe the appearance and taste of them?
  • Use the internet to have a look at some of the other art work Arcimboldo created.
  • Draw your own fruit and vegetable inspired portrait. Remember to use the correct colour for each object.

2 thoughts on “Arcimboldo

  1. Hello Pearl Class

    Cole “I like your pictures!”

    Keiwan “I wish we could make those pictures too!”

    Olivier “Why did you choose a banana for the mouth?”

    Angelgrace “your pictures are fantastic!”

    Elliott “Why did you choose broccoli for a nose?”

    Courtney “Why did you choose a carrot for the mouth?”

    Charlotte “I haven’t heard of that artist before!”

    Leo “I like the picture that you printed off of the artist!”

    from Birch Class


    • Good morning Birch class.
      We chose the different fruit and vegetables to match the different shapes of our faces. So the banana looked mouth shaped, the broccoli reminded us of a nose and the carrot looked like a straight mouth as well.
      Love from Pearl class xx


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