What an emergency!


Today we had a very important job to do. We got a call from our friend Ted who said that he had an emergency. He had been busy playing in the garden when it started to rain and he got really wet.

We wanted to come up with something that would help Ted from getting wet in the future.


We wanted to try and find the best material we could to make an umbrella for Ted. We had clingfilm, tin foil, cotton wool, paper towels, tissue paper, felt and plastic bags to choose from.

We tried to be scientists and predicted which material would be the most suitable for the job.

Then the fun started and we got to test out our ideas.

We used pipettes or syringes to help us to measure the water we used each time to help to keep it a fair test. We made sure that the only thing we changed was the material that we tested.


After we had collected our results, we came back together as a class to discuss what we had found.

Here are our findings:

If a material didn’t let the water in, then that material was waterproof. Suitable materials would be cling film, plastic bag or tin foil as they didn’t let the water through and Ted stayed dry. After a little more discussion, we thought that tin foil wasn’t a good material to use in the rain, in case the thunder and lightning came as tin foil is made from metal and we would get electrocuted if the lightning hit the umbrella.

If a material did let water through, then that material wasn’t waterproof. Unsuitable materials were tissue paper, paper towels, cotton wool and felt as they all let the water through and Ted got really wet. Some of these materials tore and made a hole because they weren’t very strong.


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