Christmas Nativity

Today was the day! Today was the day we performed our Y2 Christmas Nativity for all of our mums, dads, grandparents and other family members. We have been practising our songs, actions and our lines to make that today was perfect. Our favourite part was when we got to put our costumes on.

We hope that our grown ups enjoyed watching our nativity. We loved being able to perform it. Thank you for coming to watch us!

Here are some of the comments that our grown ups left:

  • Well done Y2 – a well performed nativity.
  • It was wonderful.
  • It was lovely – I am very proud of your school.
  • We really enjoyed it so much – well done to all! 🙂
  • Brill – fantastic as always.
  • It was really good – all of the kids got their lines correct. It was excellent.
  • I could watch this again and again if I had the chance! 10/10!
  • A really lovely traditional nativity.k

5 thoughts on “Christmas Nativity

  1. Hello Pearl class,

    Harley “Was it so fun?”

    Lucie – Ellen “Your costumes look really good!”

    Paige “Did you enjoy your Christmas play?”

    Heidi “Was it scary on the stage?”

    Mitchell “Was it great on the stage?”

    Evie “We did our school play today and it was lots of fun!”

    From Birch class xxx


    • Hello Birch class
      The nativity was lots of fun and we really did enjoy ourselves. We made up actions to match the songs and this made them easier to learn. It was great to be able to show all of our mums and dads what we had been learning.
      Cyrus- Have your mums and dads been to see your play today?
      India – What was your play called?
      Cory – What songs did you sing?
      Love from Pearl class xx


      • Harry-Wyatt “One of the songs is called ‘wake him up’. It is about a really sleepy sheep who wouldn’t wake up!”

        Leo “Ours was perfect. I hope yours was too?”

        Elliott “Some people needed to go on the stage from different classes!”

        Charlotte “Our play was called baubles. What was yours called?”

        Heidi “Our mums and dads came yesterday!”

        Macie “My part was an angel. Angel Gabriel said lots of stuff about baby Jesus. I made a new friend!”

        Olivia “We are going to do our Christmas play today aswell!”

        Angelgrace “We made our own actions too!”

        Love from Birch class xxx

        (Keiwan “Cyrus I want to be your friend because I like your name!”)


      • Thank you for your reply Birch class.
        We have only performed it once for our mums and dads.
        Our play was called ‘A Miracle in Town’.
        Keiwan – Cyrus would love to be your friend as well.
        Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone in Birch class.
        We look forward to seeing what you are learning about in the New Year.
        Love from Pearl class xx


  2. Thank you! Merry Christmas to Pearl class too!

    We are also excited to see what you are learning about aswell!

    Lovw from Birch class x


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