All about Plants

In Science this half term, we are learning all about…


We completed a KWL grid to think about what we knew already and then asked questions about what we would like to find out about at the end of the topic. This is displayed on our Science working wall to remind us of the questions we wanted to find out the answers to.


We have also set up an investigation to see what seeds and bulbs need to grow. Every week, we will be completing a seed and bulb diary to see if they grow differently in different conditions. We have 6 jars on the go to see which one will grow best…

  • Jar A – Water, air, sand and light
  • Jar B – Water, air, light but no soil
  • Jar C – Air, light, soil but no water
  • Jar D – Water, light, soil but no air
  • Jar E – Water, air, soil but no light
  • Jar F – Water, air, soil but kept in the dark.

Which do you think will grow the best?

Write in the comments section if you would like to ask us a question or tell us something about plants that would help us to learn something new.


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