KS1 Safety Day

This week, we have been learning all about how to keep safe. We moved around the different classrooms and learnt about safety in different ways from all of the KS1 teachers.

First we went to work with Miss Duddle and we were learning all about how to keep safe with our bodies. Exercise is very important to keep us fit and healthy. We also learnt about eating the right kinds of foods to help us to keep fit and healthy.


Next we went to work with Miss Mason and she taught us about how to keep safe in school and around the house.


After that, we went to work with Mrs Wells and learnt what we need to do in an emergency. We used role play to act out different scenarios.

Pearl safety week - CB.jpg

Finally we worked with Miss Varley to learn all about fire safety. We learnt that there are good and bad types of fire. We practised how to STOP, DROP and ROLL if we were ever in a situation where our clothes were on fire and then we worked together as a class to create some fire safety rules. These are proudly displayed in the classroom. Have a look next time you come in.


How to continue the learning at home:

  • Speak to your child about how to stay safe around the home.
  • What are the differences between good and bad fire?



3 thoughts on “KS1 Safety Day

  1. Hi Pearl Class

    We enjoyed reading all about how you learnt to keep safe. Thank you to the children who came to visit us in nursery to help us learn about internet safety.
    Could you tell us how we could keep ourselves safe when we are at home?

    Thank you

    From Nursery


    • Good morning Nursery.
      Thank you for your comment on our blog. We have discussed in talking partners and this is how we think you could stay safe at home:
      Sophie and Millie – Don’t open the door or answer the phone to strangers, tell a grown up someone is at the door or that the phone is ringing.
      Libby – Don’t touch the oven if it is hot, you might burn yourself.
      Harrison – Stay away from a fire, you will get burnt if you don’t.
      David – Never touch a sharp knife.
      Cameron – Don’t put metal in the microwave.
      Samara – Don’t leave small children near hot things like an iron, a kettle or an oven.
      We hope that this helps you to keep safe at home.
      From Pearl class xx


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