Sports Relief 2018

In addition to our trip to the English Institute of Sport for the Y2 Sports Day, it was also Sports Relief Week so this is how we celebrated as a school.

We had a non-uniform day where we could wear our own sports clothes to help raise some money.

In the afternoon, we had a staff vs children netball match. We sat on the grass on the outside of the MUGA pitch to cheer everyone on.



We had a marvellous time and raised £180 for Sports Relief. Thank you to all of our parents and carers for helping us to raise this money to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

Excellent Behaviour

On our way back from our trip to the English Institute of Sport, the tram was very busy, crowded and full of passengers.

The following day, we received this email and felt very proud of ourselves.


Good Afternoon,

I have just had the privilege of meeting some of your students from Year 2 and your teachers/helpers.

The children were impeccably behaved and had good manners, followed instructions, and listened well. They also kept noise to a minimum.

I have twin babies and the children were great at keeping a distance, not touching.

I spoke with a little girl called ‘Summer’. If she is a reflection of the students at your school, you should be very very proud.

I just wanted to say compared with another school I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting on the way to Meadowhall… your children were amazing.

My little girl attends Sacred Heart Catholic School and I’d like to think they behave like your children.

With kindest regards
Mrs Laura Holmes
We are role models and ambassadors of our school when we attend trips out of school and we strive to make sure that our behaviour matches that of our behaviour in school. Thank you for your email, it was fabulous to hear from you!

Y2 Sports Day @ EIS

We love going on a trip, especially one to the English Institute of Sport!

After a short trip on a packed-out tram, we arrived at the EIS and had a quick snack before we got ourselves into teams of 10.

We completed lots of different activities throughout the day and we had a fabulous time. Just look at some of the activities that we completed below.


Each adult then chose a member of their team to receive an Athlete of the Day certificate. The winner of this award displayed the sports values throughout the day and was a very worthy winner!


Although we didn’t have any teams that placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the day, we had a brilliant day and look forward to doing it all again soon!