Florence Nightingale Workshop

 If you read our class blog a few weeks ago, you will know that we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and would know that there was a very special visitor in school…

Check here out this post to have a quick catch up…

We have made a video to show you just what we got up to with our special visitor. Let us know in the comments sections below what you think!

Project Homework – Summer 1 2018

At Prince Edward, we have changed the way that we complete homework.

This half term we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and homework this half term was to create something that reflected the learning that the children had taken part in.

Here are some of Pearl class’ entries…



This superstar visited the library with her mum to learn more about Florence Nightingale!

IMG_20180521_185233 (1).jpg

What a fantastic effort – you really were able to bring your learning to life.

We are looking forward to seeing what next half term brings…

Florence Nightingale

Summer 1 was all about Florence Nightingale.

We learnt lots about her life and why she is famous over the past 6 weeks.


Can you remember the answer to any of these questions?

  • What year was she born?
  • Why was she called Florence?
  • How old was she when she died? 
  • Why did Florence want to be a nurse?
  • What did Florence find when she arrived in Scutari?
  • How did Florence make changes for the better in Scutari?
  • How do we remember Florence today? 


If you aren’t sure of any of the answers, Pearl class worked in pairs to make information books on the iPads all about Florence Nightingale. Click on one of the links to read one of our fabulous books!

FN – Abigail and Akram

FN book – Aissata and Laura

FN book – Aiva and Narla

FN book – Alfie and Tanya

FN book – Connor and Summer

FN book – Corey and Grace

FN book – Dannilou and Kaiden

FN book – David and Lacey-Mae

FN book – Justin and Harvey

FN book – Kadi and Lowan

FN book – Lacey and Megan

FN book – Leo

FN book – Oliver and Emily

FN book – Skyla and Logan


We also had a very special visitor in school before we broke up for half term. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for a video coming up very soon!


Premier League Primary Stars

This half term, we have been learning how to play football with Ash from Sheffield United Community Foundation. As an extra special treat, Ash came into the classroom to help us with our learning.


We looked at the values that footballers need to have on and off the pitch and how this can help us with our learning in and out of the classroom.

This values are:


We thought about what it meant to play the right way, what it means to be respectful and what qualities we would need to be a team player and/or a captain of a team. We learnt that we can’t always win but more importantly, how to react if this happens.

Thank you Ash, we had a wonderful morning and we will make sure that we are using this values when we are in the classroom.

Ice Skating at Prince Edward

We were so lucky to be able to have a portable ice rink from Ice Sheffield come to school for the day.

Each class were given time on the ice to come and practise their skills. It was such a treat and we had special boots to put on before we could go on the ice.


I’m sure that you will agree that we had a brilliant time and can’t wait to get back on the ice!