Superstar Writer of the Week

This week’s Superstar Writer of the Week is…

Summer 2 - Week 5.JPG

All of the adults in Pearl class have been blown away by your writing this week. You make sure that your handwriting is neat, you can read your writing back to check and edit it and it is packed full of interesting vocabulary and sentence types to add excitement to your writing. Fantastic effort – Y3 are lucky to have you!

Superstar Writers of the Week

The superstar writer of the week from last week was…

Summer 2 - Week 2

You really impressed all of the adults in Pearl class with your super handwriting, spelling and independent writing.

This week’s superstar writer of the week is…


Miss Varley was blown away with your story this week. It was neat, included questions and exclamation sentences as well as expanded noun phrases. It was a pleasure to read and mark!

Superstar Writer of the Week

We have been writing riddles to describe our favourite farm animal linked to our trip to Whirlow Hall Farm.

Summer 2 - Week 1

Can you guess which farm animal our Superstar Writer of the Week wrote her riddle about?

Who am I?

My babies are called chicks.

I have glossy, brown feathers and I scratch on the ground to find my food.

I live in a wooden, dark shed or in a grassy, green field.

I lay brown, speckled eggs and sometimes they can hatch into fluffy, yellow chicks.

I begin with the sound ‘h’.