Whirlow Hall Farm

This week, we had the most amazing opportunity to visit and stay at Whirlow Hall Farm on our first every residential. It might have been raining whilst we were there but that didn’t dampen our spirits and we had the most amazing time!

Here is just a little peek at some of the things that we got up to while we were there…

Getting excited on the minibus on the way there

Eating lunch

Being outside

Supper time


Grooming the ponies

Grooming the rabbits and guinea pigs

Visiting the hen house and collecting eggs

And our favourite part of the whole trip was being able to have a pony ride on Ruby and Bonnie.

Pearl class would like to say a great big thank you to Whirlow Hall Farm and our 480 sponsor Best Solicitors for making this trip possible. We really have had the best time ever.



Pride of Prince Edward

Check out the latest winner from Pearl class of the very prestigious award, Pride of Prince Edward…


Here is why he won…

He is an absolute pleasure to have in class and makes the classroom a brighter place to be. He is kind and considerate to his friends and will always help out a friend in need. He works well with others and can always be found somewhere in the classroom trying to extend his learning independently.

Maths, maths, everywhere!

Just because it is our KS1 SATs week, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make our learning fun. Today we played a maths game that challenged our understanding of maths problems in numerals and words.

All around the classroom were different maths clues that we had to solve with a partner. It was fun working with a partner to solve the clues!

Sometimes we could do the problem mentally or sometimes we had to use a whiteboard to help us to show our working out.

It was a race to see who finished first! Here are our winners! Well done everyone!



Image result for clipart celebrationImage result for clipart celebrationImage result for clipart celebration

Next week is our KS1 SATs Week.

The children have been working incredibly hard over the last few months. All of the adults in Year 2 would like to acknowledge all of the determination, perseverance and effort that the children have shown.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that have supported their child with their reading at home, weekly homework and extra work to help each child to reach their potential.

We wish all of the children the very best of luck. Have a lovely weekend and come to school on Monday with a smile on your face!

The Year 2 team xx

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Mathematicians of the Week

We are very lucky to have not one but two mathematicians of the week today!


We have been doing some tricky work this week all about fractions and you two boys have been amazing! You can recognise 1 half, 1 third and 1 quarter and you know that 1 half is the same as 2 quarters. Fantastic effort boys! Keep it up!

Welcome back Pearl Class

A big welcome back to our new Y2’s in Pearl class as well as all of our new families and friends. We hope that you have all had a lovely summer and are ready to come back to school with a spring in your step!

Here are a few important messages and dates for your diary. Let Miss Varley know if you are able to help out.

PE is every Friday. Make sure your child has a PE kit on their peg (burgundy t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps) This can stay on your child’s peg and go home at the end of half term.

Special Mentions Assembly every Friday at 2.30pm in the hall. Y2 dates are: 9th Sept,  23rd Sept and 7th Oct.

Library visits are on a Wednesday every fortnight at Manor Top library at 11am. Dates so far are: 14th Sept, 28th Sept and 12th Oct.

We have a trip planned for Thursday 22nd Sept to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park linked to our sculpture art project – Keep your eyes peeled for the letter.

This half term we are learning about the explorers Neil Armstrong and Robert Falcon Scott.

Click here to learn about Neil Armstrong. Click here to learn about Robert Falcon Scott or use the Internet to find out about each explorer and why they are famous. You can comment below with any information you find.

Here are a few pictures of our classroom. We hope that you enjoy reading our blog this year and finding out about the learning we do.

Working walls ready and raring to go…

Rainbow reading area…

Transient art area…

Role play area…

Painting and writing areas…

Special mentions… All of our certificates link to our school values.

Who will get the first certificates on Friday? What will they get it for?