World Book Day 2018

In school, we celebrated World Book Day on Friday 2nd March. The snow tried to spoil our day but we didn’t let that from stopping us from having a fab time!


We took a walk around school to look at some of the other decorated doors…


Our fantastic World Book Day Costumes…


We even managed to get into the school library to read and share books with our friends…


The book fair will be in school next week, so why don’t you pop along with your adult and see if there are any books that take your fancy. If you still have your World Book Day £1 token, you can use it to get £1 off a book at the Book Fair.

Alternatively, you can visit your local book shop and swap your £1 token for a special World Book Day book!

world book day poster


PJ Day for Books at Bedtime 2018

Kids Sitting on Books

Over the last three weeks, everyone in school has been trying really hard to read more stories and books at home to help everyone become better readers and enjoy more stories.

Here are the winners of the special prizes in Pearl class from the last three weeks.

Prize Winners.jpg

We celebrated the end of Books at Bedtime with a PJ day at school and a special visit from Andy Messer, our story teller in residence.

Everyone loved being able to come to school in their pjs and share some of their favourite stories with each other, especially when we were allowed to go and sit in the staff room to read our stories and then drank delicious hot chocolate!

What is your favourite story? Who is your favourite author?

World Book Day 2017

Today was World Book Day and we had such a lovely time coming to school dressed in as our favourite book characters.

We had everyone… from Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas to Harry Potter… Princesses to Where’s Wally… Mr Bump to a ferocious looking lion. You all looked amazing!


There was a competition around school for each class to design their classroom door like their favourite book. Our favourite book is Supertato by Sue Hendra and we based our book on that book. Take a look for yourself.


Just before lunch, we took a short walk around school to have a look at what each of the other classes have designed for their door.


Everyone has worked so hard to complete their doors. What a fantastic effort Team Prince.

Finally at the end of the day, school council went around each class to choose the winner for the best costume. Our winner was so surprised to win!


How to continue the learning at home:

  • Click here to look at the World Book Day website for ideas, activities and games to play.
  • Use your £1 book token to get a special World Book Day book or use it to get £1 off another book of your choice.
  • You could even save the book token for when the Book Fair arrives at school in April.
  • Share books with your child before school, after school or before bedtime to help promote a love of reading.

World Book Day 2016


This week, Pearl class have been celebrating World Book Day.

We have been doing lots of great book activities across school to help us to celebrate it.

We have a brand new library and it had its grand opening today. Everyone in the whole school went to visit the library to choose a book that they wanted to take home and share with a grown up at home.

‘I like the picture books the best!’ – Ebony

‘It was so comfy to read a book with my friend, sitting on the cushions.’ – Fatima

‘We can use the library to help us find books to help us with our topic work.’ Moustafa

‘It is ace that we get to take books home from school now’ – Lily May

Pearl class have a favourite book. It is called Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Korky Paul. We were lucky enough to go and watch a performance of Sir Scallywag in the Autumn term at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield from a company called Music in the Round and Ensemble 360.

‘Sir Scallywag is mighty, Sir Scallywag is bold. It doesn’t seem to matter, he is only 6 years old!’ This is our favourite song and we can still remember it after all this time.

We loved listening to the music and singing along with the songs.

We decided that because Sir Scallywag was our favourite book, that we were going to decorate our classroom door. We all helped to make the door – do you think it looks like the real thing? Someone in our class even came dressed as Sir Scallywag with his Golden Underpants!

image1 (3)

The best bit of World Book Day was that we came to school in our favourite book character costumes. Everyone had lots of brilliant ideas and lots of effort when into making our costumes – there was a prize for the best costume at the end of the day – which one was your favourite?

image2 (4)

As an extra special treat, we had a story teller called Andy Messer come into school and spend some time with us, telling us stories. He was amazing at telling us stories and we loved listening to how he told them.

‘The Monster story was really nice and we really enjoyed it!’ – Harrison

‘We told a story using picture cards and these helped us to know which characters we were’ – Faith G

We think World Book Day is fab! We can’t wait for next year!

What you could do to continue the learning at home:

  1. Share books with your child at home.
  2. Look at a particular author to see what other books that they write. E.g. Julia Donaldson, Giles Andreae, Roald Dahl.
  3. Talk to your child about why they like or dislike a story. Can they give specific reasons for their likes and dislikes?
  4. Take a well-known story and try and change different parts of it to make it different. Can they change the ending of the story? Can they change the characters in the story?

Books at Bedtime

In FS and KS1, we have been celebrating books at bedtime. Every day for 3 weeks, we have been reading a bedtime story with our adults at home. We love reading with our adults at home!.

‘Reading books at bedtime will help us to get better at reading.’ Faith

‘Books are brilliant to read at bedtime.’ Lily May

‘Reading books gives us a better imagination for when we are at school.’ Lewis

Each week, we would bring back our cards to say which books we had read that week and then someone would get chosen at random to win a prize. At the end of 3 weeks, a grand prize winner was chosen from every class.

We had a pyjama day to celebrate the end of the books at bedtime competition and we got to come to school in our pyjamas and bring a special book and teddy to school with us. We had a special assembly where we could share our special books with our friends. Even out teddies enjoyed listening to the stories.

Books at bedtime

What you could do to support your child at home:

1. Sharing stories with your child is so important. Find a quiet space away any distractions and read your child’s favourite book to them.

2. Visit the library and borrow books free of charge.

3. Retell your child’s favourite story in a variety of ways – using puppets, just using the pictures, using different voices for each character.