World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2017

We are Macmillan. Cancer support. World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Friday 29th September.

On Friday 29th September, we held a coffee morning in the school hall for all of our parents and carers to come and attend. Each year group had been busy baking all week and in Y2, we made flapjacks.

Riley – We are raising money for poorly people and the money will help them to get better.

Laura – Our grown ups can come and buy our flapjacks and we give money to people who are poorly.

 We were able to follow a set of instructions and weigh out the different ingredients carefully.

We hoped that you enjoyed eating our yummy, delicious flapjacks.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for coming to school and supporting such a worthwhile cause.



Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This week, we went on our first Y2 school trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park because we are learning about the artist Henry Moore.

Henry Moore Photo

Henry Moore was an English artist who was born in 1898 and he died in 1986, aged 98 years old. He is most famous for his abstract bronze sculptures, many of which live at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

As the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is quite far away from school, we had to get on a double decker coach to get there. We were so excited to be able to sit on the top deck. We were able to see lots of different places that we can’t normally see when we are down on the ground. IMG_2946[1]

When we arrived, first we had our milk and snack sat down at the picnic tables, before we went and explored the park looking for the Henry Moore sculptures.

The weather was great so we were able to walk around the park in the sunshine, trying to spot the different Henry Moore sculptures. We took out sketch books with us so that when we found a sculpture, we could have a goo at trying to sketch it in our books.

After a while, it was lunchtime so we walked back to the picnic tables to eat our lunch.


Once we had finished our lunch, Miss Varley took us that we were going to be nature detectives and we had to go hunting for signs of Autumn. As we were hunting for signs of Autumn, we saw lots more modern sculptures dotted around the park.


Finally it was time for home. We all had a marvellous day and can’t wait to get back to school to make our own Henry Moore inspired sculptures.


Keep your eyes peeled on our blog to have a look at the sculptures that we create back at school, with our new inspiration from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

How to continue the learning at home:

  • The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is free to visit – check out their website by clicking here.
  • Research Henry Moore and his sculptures online or visit the library to check out a library book. 
  • Create your own sculpture from playdough or clay inspired by what you saw at the park.
  • Go on an Autumn hunt – what can you find?

Forest Schools… Part 3

This week, we had our final Forest Schools session with Sarah and Matt.

Our first job of the day was to warm ourselves up. We played Winter Dragons and had to show our scariest faces possible to see if we would get chosen as one of the dragons. After that, Sarah chose two rescuers to free anybody that had been frozen by the dragons. Finally we ran around our boundaires trying our very best to avoid the dragons’ icy breath.


Today’s task was to build an obstacle course that we could use in our session today. We used some of the skills that we had learnt previously such as our den building skills and using the tarpaulins to create tunnels for us to crawl through. We used all of the secret garden to move arond and we enjoyed weaving in and out of the trees.

Our final job was to toast marshmallows by the fire. We had to used a long willow stick to pierce the marshmallow on the end and then come up to the fire in small groups. It was tricky to make sure that marshmallow didn’t get too close to the fire otherwise it would have caught on fire. When we came up to the fire, to keep us stable, we had to use the respect position which is like knealing up on one knee and then sitting on the other leg. That way, if we wobbled over, we wouldn’t fall into the fire pit.



What did the marshmallows taste like?

Narla: They were right gooey and soft.

Connor: We had to count to 20 when we sat down so we didn’t burn our mouths. 

Riley: I loved the marshmallows – can I have another one?

Lacey-Mae: They were all sticky and yummy. 

Here are just some of the comments that we had to say at the end of our Forest Schools sessions.

Oliver: I loved working with Sarah and Matt. My favourite part was building the dens in the rain. If I could do it again, I’d like to make my den even better than before. 

Corey: Forest Schools was the best. I loved getting to do my learning outside. My faviourite parts were eating the marshmallows and working together to build the dens. I would like to do Forest Schools all over again.

Iyanu: I learnt about lots of different bugs in Forest Schools. It was fun to collect the different bugs in the pots and then finding out what they were called. 

Summer: I know what a shieldbug is and what ladybird larvae look like. I keep looking for these bugs in my garden at home. 

We would like to say a massive thank you to Sarah and Matt from Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust for coming to work with us. We have loved working with you and have learnt so much with you. 🙂 

Pride of Prince Edward

We are so proud of the first person in Pearl class to achieve the Pride of Prince Edward award this year.


This is why you have won this award:

Miss Varley wrote: I am so pleased to have you in my class. I couldn’t imagine my classroom without him. He always tries so hard with everything that he does, always has a smile on his face and is someone who never gives up no matter how tricky he may find it.
Will you be the next person to win it?

Superstar Writer of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 3

A truly deserving Superstar Writer of the Week.


You deserve this award for your fantastic retelling of the story Baboon on the Moon in your own words. You got on without a fuss, remembered to check for capital letters and full stops and even included adjectives and conjunctions into your sentences to add more detail. Well done!

The World’s Largest Lesson

This week, we completed the World’s Largest Lesson. This is aimed at making adults and children across the world more aware of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In 2015, 193 countries across the world agreed by 2030 to achieve the following three things:

  • End extreme poverty
  • Fight inequality and injustice
  • Tackle climate change

Did you know that there were 17 Global Goals in total?

Do you know what any of them are? 


We watched a short video that helped us to explain what the World’s Largest Lesson was about. Click here if you would like to watch this video again.

This year’s focus is on food, sustainability and hunger.

We watched a video that helped us to understand the focus this year. Click here if you would like to watch the video again and remind yourself of what the video was about.

We then set to work on deciding what our favourite foods were and looked at where they came from, how they got to our plate and what they were packaged in.


We promise to look after our world. We promise not to throw materials that can be recycled like cardboard and plastic in the bins. We promise to try and eat every piece of food that we have on our plates. Pearl class – September 2017