PJ Day for Books at Bedtime 2018

Kids Sitting on Books

Over the last three weeks, everyone in school has been trying really hard to read more stories and books at home to help everyone become better readers and enjoy more stories.

Here are the winners of the special prizes in Pearl class from the last three weeks.

Prize Winners.jpg

We celebrated the end of Books at Bedtime with a PJ day at school and a special visit from Andy Messer, our story teller in residence.

Everyone loved being able to come to school in their pjs and share some of their favourite stories with each other, especially when we were allowed to go and sit in the staff room to read our stories and then drank delicious hot chocolate!

What is your favourite story? Who is your favourite author?

Storytelling with Andy Messer… Part 3

We have had our final session with Andy Messer… and what an exciting session it was! We picked up exactly where we left off in our second session with Andy and climbed to the top of a tall tree. When we reached the top of the tree, we could see that we were surrounded by dinosaurs. We used our learning journals to make a note of the things that we could see, smell and hear!


Andy found an old watch buried in the ground. We studied it carefully and discovered that there were some initials on the back of the watch.

Who did they belong to? Can you remember?


We went exploring after we heard some rustling of leaves close by. What did we find?


When we returned to the camp site, the weather started to change and we needed to build a shelter to keep ourselves dry and warm.


Once the rain had stopped, we heard some shouting in the distance so we went to investigate… We had found Uncle Albert! The watch belonged to him. The watch was an extra time machine that he had made so that if he ever went missing, Andy would be able to find him!


We have had such an exciting time with Andy over the last 3 weeks. We will be using all of these ideas in our story writing after the half term holidays… We can’t wait to show Andy some of our stories!

Story telling with Andy Messer

Over the next three weeks, we are having a very special treat in Y2. Andy Messer is coming into class for some story telling sessions and we are so excited!

Andy told us about his job and we got to ask him some questions about what it is like to be a storyteller.

Then Andy told us all about his Uncle Albert and his house in Cornwall. Cornwall is at the bottom of England and a long way from Sheffield so we needed to jump on the train to get there.


The train ride was a very bumpy journey but the conductor on the way down told us a story and before we knew it, we had arrived in Cornwall.

Uncle Albert had some things buried in his garden so we needed to dig them up. We used special metal detectors to find the objects.


We can’t wait for next week for the next session to find out a little more about Uncle Albert and his adventures!