TASC: Lifecycle of a Butterfly

In science, we have been busy learning about lifecycles and we enjoyed it so much that Miss Varley set us a task and we used TASC to help us to do this.

Task: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Here is what we did:

We were so proud of each other for the work that we had completed that we invited Onyx class to come and have a look as we know that they have been learning about life cycles as well.

We even displayed our work in the classroom for our adults to see in a morning when they came into the classroom.

Caterpillars to Butteflies

In Science we have been learning about life cycles. We have learnt that a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly after a few weeks and we were lucky to see that transformation for ourselves!

image11After the caterpillars were in their chrysalises for around a week, they began to emerge and they were no longer caterpillars. They had turned into beautiful butterflies. They are called ‘Painted Lady Butterflies’ and they have symmetrical patterns on their wings. They are red and black.

We released them around our school grounds and we hope that we see them fluttering around the school garden and hopefully they will lay some eggs eggs so that the life cycle can start again!