Superstar Writer of the Week

What a terrific transformation in your writing! You really deserve Superstar Writer this week.


We have been innovating a story to add in our own characters and you have been able to include expanded noun phrases, commands, questions and exclamation sentences in your writing. It was a pleasure to mark your book! Keep it up!

Making Puppets

In DT this week, Miss Varley set us a challenge.

Can you make your own finger puppet out of material?

We had already learnt about the different kinds of puppets that we could use and what they were made from.

Image result for rod  puppets

This is a rod puppet and the parts of the body moves when you move the rods. Sometimes it takes two people to help to move a rod puppet.

Image result for different types of puppets

This is a marionette puppet and it works by moving the strings up and down, backwards and forwards to get the different body parts to move. Pinocchio is a marionette puppet.

Image result for different types of puppets

These are finger puppets and they fit onto one finger. We can use finger puppets to help to tell stories.

Image result for different types of puppets

This is a hand puppet and you can put your whole hand inside. Sometime these types of puppets have squeakers in the mouth so when you press it, it sounds like the puppet is speaking.

 Miss Varley gave us some very clear instructions to help us to make our finger puppets. We talked to our friends to decide which puppet that we wanted to make. We noticed that the instructions all had bossy verbs (imperative verbs) in them that made them commands. Can you spot the bossy verbs in each command? 

First we had to choose our piece of material the right colour that would match our character.

Next we had to cut out our template and then draw around it onto our material. This would give us the shape that we needed to cut out.

After that, we had to cut out the shape twice to make a front and a back to our puppet. If we only had one piece, then it wouldn’t fit onto our finger.

Then we had to glue around the edges of the two pieces of material and stick them together. We had to be careful not to put any glue on the bottom of the puppet otherwise we wouldn’t be able to put it on our finger.

Finally, we were able to decorate our puppets to make them look more like our characters we had in mind. We are rather pleased with our efforts.

What do you think?  Can you tell what the different characters are?