Mathematician of the Week – Spring 2 – Week 3, 4 & 5

Congratulations to our these Mathematicians of the Week winners! Your confidence is growing all of the time in maths! Fantastic effort, keep it up!

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5




Superstar Writers of the Week – Spring 2 – Week 1 & 2

A massive well done to our Superstar Writers of the Week this week!


Big improvements with spelling, using phonics to sound out and handwriting! Keep up the hard work guys!

Mathematician of the Week – Spring 1 – Week 4

This week’s winner of Mathematician of the Week couldn’t believe his ears when he heard that he was the winner!


You work so hard in every single maths session as well as continuing your own maths learning in your independent learning too! Your mental maths skills are impressive and you are improving your times table scores every week!

Superstar Writer of the Week – Spring 1 – Week 3

This week’s Superstar Writer of the Week is…

Spring 1 - Week 3

This young man has been on the radar for Superstar Writer of the Week for a while now. He is trying super hard to use his phonics when writing, using a word fan to spell his tricky words and makes sure that his handwriting is always neat and tidy. There has been a big improvement in your writing, we can’t wait to see how this continues throughout the year!

Mathematicians of the Week

Our Mathematician of the Week from last week was…

Summer 2 - Week 2

 We are so proud of the effort that you have been putting into your maths this week in everything that you do! Well done!

This week’s mathematician of the week is…


You were able to use coins to make different amounts of money and use your estimation skills to round numbers before you found the actual answer. Superb effort this week!