Forest Schools… Part 3

This week, we had our final Forest Schools session with Sarah and Matt.

Our first job of the day was to warm ourselves up. We played Winter Dragons and had to show our scariest faces possible to see if we would get chosen as one of the dragons. After that, Sarah chose two rescuers to free anybody that had been frozen by the dragons. Finally we ran around our boundaires trying our very best to avoid the dragons’ icy breath.


Today’s task was to build an obstacle course that we could use in our session today. We used some of the skills that we had learnt previously such as our den building skills and using the tarpaulins to create tunnels for us to crawl through. We used all of the secret garden to move arond and we enjoyed weaving in and out of the trees.

Our final job was to toast marshmallows by the fire. We had to used a long willow stick to pierce the marshmallow on the end and then come up to the fire in small groups. It was tricky to make sure that marshmallow didn’t get too close to the fire otherwise it would have caught on fire. When we came up to the fire, to keep us stable, we had to use the respect position which is like knealing up on one knee and then sitting on the other leg. That way, if we wobbled over, we wouldn’t fall into the fire pit.



What did the marshmallows taste like?

Narla: They were right gooey and soft.

Connor: We had to count to 20 when we sat down so we didn’t burn our mouths. 

Riley: I loved the marshmallows – can I have another one?

Lacey-Mae: They were all sticky and yummy. 

Here are just some of the comments that we had to say at the end of our Forest Schools sessions.

Oliver: I loved working with Sarah and Matt. My favourite part was building the dens in the rain. If I could do it again, I’d like to make my den even better than before. 

Corey: Forest Schools was the best. I loved getting to do my learning outside. My faviourite parts were eating the marshmallows and working together to build the dens. I would like to do Forest Schools all over again.

Iyanu: I learnt about lots of different bugs in Forest Schools. It was fun to collect the different bugs in the pots and then finding out what they were called. 

Summer: I know what a shieldbug is and what ladybird larvae look like. I keep looking for these bugs in my garden at home. 

We would like to say a massive thank you to Sarah and Matt from Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust for coming to work with us. We have loved working with you and have learnt so much with you. 🙂 

Forest Schools… Part 2

Today we had our second Forest Schools session with Sarah and Matt.


We warmed up by playing Winter Dragons. To be the dragon, we had to show Sarah our scary dragon faces and do the loudest dragon possible. This game helps us to warm up our bodies before we do any other activities.


Today, we split up into groups and went creeping and crawling in the Secret Garden to hunt for bugs. We didn’t know what we were going to find. Sarah and Matt told us how to collect the bugs carefully using some special bug pots. We had to look high and low but we were able to find lots of bugs.


We found bugs that we knew like spiders and woodlice but we also found bugs that we weren’t sure of. Sarah and Matt showed us how to use some special identification charts so we could tell what type of bug that they were.


After that, we started to hunt and forage around the Secret Garden to see what we could use to make a potion. Some of us made magic potions with magical spells and some of us make special perfumes that we could take home to our families.


Forest Schools is our favourite activity ever! We can’t wait for our next session!

Forest Schools

This week, we had our first Forest School session with Sarah and Matt from the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. Even though it was raining, it didn’t stop us from having the best time outside.


We played Winter Dragons before we started our first activity called ‘Woolly Worms’. This a activity is one designed to help us look carefully around the environment to find a woolly worm. We had to be quiet as to not disturb them and use our eyes carefully to try and spot them.


After Woolly Worms, it started to rain so we worked together in teams to build a den. We used the materials that we could find in the secret garden and some big plastic sheets from Sarah and Matt. This was our favourite part of the morning.

Our final job of the morning was to use some clay to make a woodland creature to help us to keep our dens safe. We were able to use materials we found around us to add features to our creatures.


We cannot wait for our next Forest School session!

Autumn 1 2017 Newsletter

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We have Forest School sessions this half term. Please remember to come to school in suitable outdoor clothing and footwear no matter the weather.