Superstar Writer of the Week

This week’s Superstar Writer of the Week is…

Summer 2 - Week 5.JPG

All of the adults in Pearl class have been blown away by your writing this week. You make sure that your handwriting is neat, you can read your writing back to check and edit it and it is packed full of interesting vocabulary and sentence types to add excitement to your writing. Fantastic effort – Y3 are lucky to have you!

Superstar Writer of the Week

Our Superstar Writer of the Week couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that she had won this week for her fantastic poem about the senses!


You were able to use expanded noun phrases in your poem to add detail and use commas correctly to separate the adjectives. Your handwriting is improving day by day as well. Good girl! 🙂

Superstar Writer of the Week

Miss Varley was so impressed with your writing this week. You have tried hard to spell the words correctly that you wanted to use, remembered what happens when a seed turns into a sunflower and there is such a improvement in your handwriting since the beginning of the year. You really deserve this award today! 🙂

Spring 1 - Week 3.JPG

Superstar Writer of the Week

In 2017, we have a brand new award to share with everyone. Every week, the teachers in Pearl class are going to choose someone who has excelled in their writing that week.

Well done to our first winner. You get to take a special superstar writer pencil home with you to help you to continue your super writing at home.


Just look at how smiley our first winner is. You have tried so hard in your topic book this week to make sure that your handwriting is joined, legible and neat. Keep up the hard work! 🙂

Writing Fantasy Stories

In Literacy, we have been writing our own fantasy stories to include a dragon.

First we planned our stories using story maps or story planners to make sure that we had a clear beginning, middle and ending to our stories.

Then we started to write our dragon stories. We made sure that we included expanded noun phrases and similes in our stories to add detail for the reader. we have really enjoyed writing the stories and we hope that you enjoy reading them too.

Once we had finished, we had a go at self and peer assessing our stories with our friends to make sure that we had included everything on the checklist. We know that sometimes we have things that we need to work towards and we can make sure we try to do these things next time.

What could do at home to support your child:

  1. Read fantasy stories that include dragons to help build up your child’s imagination.
  2. Plan a simple fantasy story with a beginning, middle and an ending.
  3. Talk through the plan with your child so they have a clear understanding of how the story flows.
  4. Let your child write their story. Remind your child to use their phonics when they are sounding out and spelling words.
  5. Then go through the story with your child, finding two things about their story that you like and then suggest one way in which they could improve it.