Children’s University – Friendship Bracelets

We’ve had our first friendship bracelets photograph sent into the class email! Congratulations, you’ve earned yourself a CU credit!

If you’d like to earn yourself a CU credit, have a go at making a friendship bracelet and send us a photograph via the class email. Ideas and instructions can be found by looking at the previous blog post about the Children’s University.

Children’s University

Please find below information for the Children’s University. Unfortunatley after school clubs cannot take place at this current time however your child can still earn Children’s University credits by completing the activities at home.

This one is one of my favourite activities this month.

Challenge: Friendships

Monday 16th to Friday 20th November 2020 is Anti-Bullying Week in the UK. This is a time when organisations ask us to think about what bullying is, the negative effect that bullying has on people’s lives, and most importantly, what we can do to help stop it from happening.

Bulling is when someone keeps being unkind to someone else, even when they know it upsets or hurts them. It is wrong, and it is never acceptable.

You will need:
A circle of card (approx. 10cm diameter)
7 strands of wool (different colours ideally, each one about 1m long)

What kinds of things can we do to make sure we are being kind, being a good friend, and showing that we care?

Anti-Bullying week is a great time for us to think about how we can be kind to each other, how we can be a good friend to others, and how we come together to make a stand against those who are bullies. This challenge will see you become a leader, as you and your team of family (or friends at school) show your kindness to one another.

There are instructions are below. This is just an idea of something that you could make and give to someone else to show your friendship. It could be anything though – a card, a picture or message, etc.

  • Decide who you might like to give your gift to.
  • Could you get a little team of people together (your family perhaps or a group of friends in your class at school) and all make something?
  • You could then give them out to each other. Maybe you could even make enough for each member of your class, then leave them as a surprise little gift ‘from a friend’?


Step 1: Draw a circle about 8cm diameter on a piece of card and cut it out (ask an adult to help if you need to). Find the centre of the circle, mark it with a pencil dot, then push a pencil through the middle to make a hole.

Step 2: Using your ruler, draw pencil lines across the circle and through the centre point, to divide your circle into quarters. Do this again so you have divided your circle into eighths. Cut from the outside edge up each line, about 2cms each time.

Step 3: Take your seven lengths of wool and hold them all together at one end. Tie them all together in one big knot. Take the other ends of the lengths, and holding them together, push them through the back of the hole in the middle of your card circle up through the front (where you drew the lines). You might need an adult’s help. Pull all the strands of wool through (the knot at the other ends should stop it coming right through the hole).

Step 4: Take a strand of wool and pull it towards the edge of the circle and pull it through one of the slits you cut at the end of one of the lines. Repeat with each piece of wool, working around the circle until all 7 strands are fixed through a slit. Hold the circle so the spare line is at the bottom.

Step 5: Count three slits to the left of the spare one at the bottom. Take that length of wool out of its current slot, pull it across the circle and

push it through the spare slot at the bottom. Turn the circle until the new spare slit is at the bottom. Count three slits to the left again, remove that length of wool from its current slit and pull it through the slit at the bottom. Turn the circle again until the new spare slit is at the bottom again. Repeat the pattern until you have a length of woven wool which is long enough to make a bracelet. As you do this, the lengths of wool will dangle from the card circle. It’s a good idea to keep these neat and tidy so they don’t get tangled!

Step 6: Cut off the wool about 8cms from the end of your woven section. Carefully untie the knot from the other end (ask an adult to help if you need to). Bunch the ends of the lengths of wool together (at each end), then tie them all together into a knot (you might want to do this once the bracelet is on the wearer!)  There are other ways to tie your bracelet on the video…why not have a look?

Each challenge is worth one CU credit. All you need to do is take a photograph of you completing the task and sending it in to the class email address. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Click on the link below to see the full range of activities you can complete.