Superstar Writers of the Week – Summer 1 2018

Each and every child in Pearl class continues to improve their writing on a daily basis. It was so hard to choose a winner each week as there is so many fantastic writers to choose from…

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5



Superstar Writer of the Week – Spring 1 – Week 4

Our Superstar Writer of the Week is…


There has been such a huge improvement in your handwriting since Christmas and it is an absolute pleasure to mark your books. Well done and keep it up!

Superstar Writer of the Week

Miss Varley was so impressed with your writing this week. You have tried hard to spell the words correctly that you wanted to use, remembered what happens when a seed turns into a sunflower and there is such a improvement in your handwriting since the beginning of the year. You really deserve this award today! 🙂

Spring 1 - Week 3.JPG