Road Safety in Pearl Class

Today we had a special visitor in school today to help us to learn all about road safety, especially since it is starting to get dark earlier.


We watched a short video about a hedgehog to help us to stay safe on the road. Click here to watch the clip on Youtube.

We learnt that you need to dress in bright clothes to make sure that you are seen on dark night by other pedestrians. and motorists on the road. We also learnt that we need to cross the road where it is safe to do so by using a zebra crossing or a pelican crossing.


We then got to have a go at using a pretend zebra crossing and pelican crossing in the classroom to make sure that we knew exactly what to do the next time we cross the road.

We are going to the library tomorrow so we will be able to cross the road safely and remember the 5 rules to help us to cross the road.

  1. Stop on the pavement
  2. Look right, left, right, left and right again
  3. Listen for the traffic
  4. Hold hands with an adult or a partner
  5. Walk sensibly across the road if it is safe to do so

How you can help your child at home:

  • Talk to your child about how to cross the road safely.
  • Make sure that your child holds your hand walking across the road.
  • Discuss where the safest place to cross the road would be.
  • Click here to play games about road safety.