Mathematicians of the Week – Spring 1 2019

Here are our Mathematicians of the Week from Spring 1.

Everyone is continuing to make some much progress in their maths ability and confidence is growing every single day.

Will the next Mathematician of the Week be you?


Mathematician of the Week

Well done to our Mathematician of the Week this week in Pearl class.We have been looking at howto measure mass using kilograms (kg) and grams (g) and you could use a balance scale and a weighing scale accurately to measure and read the scales.

Spring 2 - Week 2.JPG

Mathematician of the Week

A fabulous well done to our Mathematician of the Week.


You are an always child. You always try your best no matter what you have been asked to do. You always present your work in a clear and neat way. You always show your working out to say how you found the answer. You always work well with a talking partner to explain how to found your answers. Well done and keep it up!