Christmas 2018

Wow! What a busy December we have had at school…

It all started with a trip to the Pantomime to watch Treasure Island. This was a special treat from the charity Variety. We had a party, and we even got to see Father Christmas and got a present from him! Thank you for letting us be part of this special day!

Next it was time for our FS and KS1 Christmas Craft morning – we had over 50 adults come and join us and get into the Christmassy spirit! Thank you to all the parents and carers to came to spend some time with us!


We had been praticising for a couple of weeks so that we could put on a Nativity Performance for our grown ups and friends. We had an amazing time – take a look at some of the fantastic comments we recieved!

We had been busy working like little elves creating snowman puppets, Christmas cards and calendars. Take a look below… can you spot yours?

Finally it was time for our Christmas Party – we even managed to have a special visitor!


We hope that everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to what the New Year has in store for us!

Father’s Day 2017

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of our dads, grandads, brothers and uncles for coming to our Stay and Play afternoon.

Father's Day 2017

We had a wonderful time playing on the MUGA pitch and the play equipment in the sunshine. We hope that all of our very special visitors enjoyed it too!

Easter Fun…

Today we had our annual FS and KS1 Easter Workshop. We invited our grown ups into school to come and make some Easter crafts with us. Everyone had such a fabulous time.


Many thanks to our grown ups for your continued support and for coming to join in with us. It means such a lot to us and we really appreciate it.

We have also been busy tasting hot cross buns, making Easter cards for our loved ones and Easter baskets in hope that the Easter bunny would come to visit. He did and he left us a special treat! What did you get?

Happy Easter everyone!


Remember we are back to school on Monday 24th April!

Environment Week 2016

This week, our whole school have been looking at how we treat the environment and how we could look after the environment better.

In KS1, we have been concentrating on recycling.


We have read lots of stories about recycling. Our favourites are Michael Recycle, George Saves the World by Lunchtime and Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish.

Together, we decided that we were going to become Environmental Superheroes and wrote an oath to help look after the environment. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • I promise to turn off lights when I leave a room. 
  • I promise to turn off the tap to save water when I am brushing my teeth. 
  • I promise to make sure that all litter goes in a bin and not on the floor. 
  • I promise to reuse plastic bottles as drink bottles for school. 
  • I promise not to use down trees or pick flowers from the garden. 


recycle logorecycle logorecycle logorecycle logorecycle logo

We learnt about the 3 R’s in Recycling.

  1. Reuse
  2. Reduce
  3. Recycle

By reusing materials such as plastic bottles and plastic carrier bags, we are reduce the amount of landfill that humans create every year.

We can recycle a huge amount of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, metal, glass and many many more. Have a look around your house. Is there anything that you could recycle instead of just throwing it away.


We swapped around the different classrooms to learn  more about recycling. Take a look at the photographs below to see what we got up to.

Y2 Pearl - CVY2 Pearl - NDY2 Pearl - VM

We have enjoyed learning all about recycling and we are going to make a bigger effort to do more of it at home and at school.

Click here to play a recycling game called Recycle!

Click here to play a recycling game called Sort and Recycle.

Click here to help Barnaby Bear to recycle some materials.


What you could do to help your child’s learning at home:

  • Look what materials objects are made from and decide if they can be recycled.
  • Use some of the links above to play the recycling games.
  • Sort materials into recyclable and non-recyclable at home.
  • Use recyclable materials for design and making. E.g. jewellery or art. 
  • Reusing plastic bottles or carrier bags.

Sport Relief


On Friday 18th March, we celebrated Sport Relief throughout school. Everyone had to run a mile around the playground and the MUGA pitch. We ran with some of our Y5 children and some of our parents came along too to join in.


We helped to raise money for Sport Relief by coming to school in our sports kits and buying a Sport Relief band for £1.

Thank you to all of our parents and children who donated money to a worthy cause!