Tag Rugby – Session 3

This week we had our final session of Tag Rugby with Liam from Progressive Sports.

We teamed up into small groups and had a few games of tag rugby. We loved running over the lines to score a try. This was difficult sometimes as we had to dodge a defender and we even managed to pass the ball to other team members to help them to score a try.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Liam for teaching us the skills to be able to play tag rugby. We have had an amazing time and cannot wait until we have our next sessions with you.

Super Skipping

This week has been a very special week – we have been learning how to skip. Every day we went outside, found a space on the playground and had a go at skipping.

Some of us didn’t know how to skip on Monday but by the end of the Friday, we were all pros! We absolutely love skipping and we can’t wait to keep on practising at break times!

Healthy Living Week

This week, we have been celebrating Healthy Living Week across school. We started the week with a Science lesson learning all about exercise and what effect exercise has on our bodies.

We found out that exercise does have a positive effect on our bodies.

  • During exercise, our bodies will get warmer
  • We start to pant and breathe more heavily to increase the amount of oxygen in our bodies
  • Our hearts will beat faster, increasing blood flow around our bodies
  • After exercise, we might be tired and our bodies need to rest and have a drink of water

Next we looked at a story called No Means No by Jayneen Saunders. Click here to see Jayneen reading the story.

We learnt that everyone is entitled to have personal boundaries about themselves and their bodies and we learnt about consent. Consent is when you have to ask before you touch someone else. E.g. Please can I hold your hand? Can I have a hug please?

Everyone is entitled to say no as some people might be uncomfortable giving each other a hug or holding hands. We practised other ways that you could use if you don’t like to hug or hold hands. E.g. waving, touching elbows, smiling at each other or fist bump.

If someone does something to you that upsets or makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them NO MEANS NO! If it still continues to happen, go and tell a trusted adult who will be able to help you out.

We then watched a video from the NSPCC called Pantosaurus and we learnt a song. Click here to watch the video again. Can you remember what PANTS stands for?

  • P – Privates are private
  • A – Always remember your body belongs to you
  • N – No means no!
  • T – Talk about secrets that upset you
  • S – Speak up, someone can help

Our mental health is also something is that really important so we completed some Cosmic Kids yoga to help our minds be free and to help us to relax. Click here to be taken to the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel to complete some yoga at home.

It is important that we look after our bodies so we need to think about what food or drink we put inside them. We looked at designing a healthy lunchbox to help us to make the right choices, especially for lunchtimes at school.

Click here read up to date guidance on healthy lunchboxes from Learn Sheffield.

Finally we completed the week by looking at hygiene. We keep ourselves clean by washing in the bath or shower, brushing our teeth at least once a day, washing our hands when they are dirty or if we have touched something dirty.

We completed an experiment called Glitter Bugs which helped us to learn the importance of washing our hands thoroughly. Take a look at us below.

We found out that warm water and soap is the best way to clean our hands!

Active Literacy

This week, we ventured outside to have an Active Literacy lesson. The weather was a little miserable, but that didn’t stop us from having an awesome time.

Miss Varley has put some of the Y2 Common Exception Words around the MUGA pitch and we had to work together in pairs to read the words and then write them down on our sheet. The first pair to complete their sheet were the winners.

If you’d like to practice reading more of the Y2 Common Exception Words at home or make up your game, have a look at the words below.

Active Maths

In Y2, we have been working hard on remembering our number bonds to 10 to help us with our maths work in class but this week we played a game with a twist to help us to remember.

We went out onto the MUGA pitch and Miss Varley told us that we were going to be pirates for the morning and we had to try and steal her treasure. The only problem was we had to pick a card out of a bag with a missing number sentence on to help us to remember our number bonds to 10. If we got the question right, we could take some treasure. If we got it wrong, we had to go back to our team and try and solve it together.

We had so much fun being outside but it also helped us to remember our number bonds in a fun and exciting way.

We wonder what active lesson Miss Varley has up her sleeve for next week?

Gymnastics – Autumn 2 2019

During Autumn 2, we looked at gymnastics in PE.

First we looked at the different shapes you could make in gymnastics.

We learnt that you could use these shapes when you perform different movements in PE. We also learnt how to make the star, dish, arch and straight shapes.

We used the apparatus to learn how to jump correctly.

  • Feet slightly apart
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Look where you want to jump
  • Land on two feet
  • Stand up

Can you guess which shapes we were making in the air?

RuggerEds 2019

This half term we have been so lucky to have the team from RuggerEds come back into school and teach us how to play tag rugby!

We braved the weather most weeks and went outside onto the MUGA pitch so that Rob, Olly and Joe could teach us some excellent rugby skills. We absolutely loved the games you taught us. Our favourites have to be Minions and Haunted House.

At the end of each session, certificate were handed out to the Trainers of the Week. The lucky winners are below.

Thank you so much to the RuggerEds team for coming into school on a Friday morning. We will miss you lots.

Y2 Sports Day 2019

We have been really lucky to attend the Y2 Sports Day at the English Institute of Sport. We took part in lots of different activities to test our throwing and catching skills as well as looking at seeing how quick we could run, jog and walk. Everybody had lots of fun… we can’t wait for next year’s sports day!

Thank you to our parents and carers who came along with on the day. Your help means so much to the children and help us continue to attend these events.

Here are just some of the activities that we took part in.