Mathematician of the Week – Spring 1 – Week 1

The first Mathematician of the Week for 2018 is…


You are really impressing the adults in Pearl class with your positive attitude to your maths work. Even when you find something a little tricky, you persevere and don’t give up. You can tackle column method for subtracting with and without regrouping and this is helping you to answer word problems! Well done!



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Next week is our KS1 SATs Week.

The children have been working incredibly hard over the last few months. All of the adults in Year 2 would like to acknowledge all of the determination, perseverance and effort that the children have shown.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that have supported their child with their reading at home, weekly homework and extra work to help each child to reach their potential.

We wish all of the children the very best of luck. Have a lovely weekend and come to school on Monday with a smile on your face!

The Year 2 team xx

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Sewing Skills

This half term, we are learning about how to make puppets in DT.

Do you remember our previous blog post from a few weeks ago when we made finger puppets? Click here to see the post.

Next week, we are going to start designing and making a hand puppet but we don’t want to use glue any more. We need a stronger way to hold our fabric together so we decided that sewing would be a stronger way to keep the fabric together. Before we start to design and make our hand puppets, we need to practise our sewing skills.

We learnt about 2 types of stitch that we can use. They are called the running stitch where the needle goes in and out of the fabric like this.

Image result for running stitch

This is the over stitch where we need to go around the outside of the fabric.

Image result for over stitch

Needles can be really sharp so we had to be careful not to touch the end of the needle otherwise we would hurt our fingers.

This task was something that we couldn’t rush and took a little while to complete but we are pleased that we showed concentration and perseverance to get the job done!

Excellent job everyone!