Tag Rugby – Session 3

This week we had our final session of Tag Rugby with Liam from Progressive Sports.

We teamed up into small groups and had a few games of tag rugby. We loved running over the lines to score a try. This was difficult sometimes as we had to dodge a defender and we even managed to pass the ball to other team members to help them to score a try.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Liam for teaching us the skills to be able to play tag rugby. We have had an amazing time and cannot wait until we have our next sessions with you.

Growth Mindset

Do you know what a fixed or a growth mindset is?

In Y2, we have been looking at what the difference is between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is limiting. A fixed mindset is someone who gives up easily and doesn’t want to challenge themselves. A fixed mindset is someone who doesn’t believe in themselves and thinks that they are no good.

A growth mindset is freedom. A growth mindset is someone who is willing to give it a go. A growth mindset is someone who tries their hardest and doesn’t give up. A growth mindset is someone who is able to build their skills and abilities by always trying to better themselves.

We read a story called Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreas. The story is about a giraffe called Gerald who believes that he cannot dance. His friends laugh at him and make him feel that he is useless but a little cricket comes along and changes Gerald’s mindset from fixed to growth. All Gerald needed to do was to believe in himself and dance to a different song!

Click here to see an animated version of the story Giraffes Can’t Dance.

These two girls then went above and beyond in their learning this week and have really proven to the adults in Pearl Class that they have a growth mindset.

They didn’t give up, even when they found the task hard to complete; they were encouraging their friends to do the best they could do and they put 100% effort into their tasks. Amazing work girls! 🙂

What could you say to your friends if they had a fixed mindset?

Active Maths

In Y2, we have been working hard on remembering our number bonds to 10 to help us with our maths work in class but this week we played a game with a twist to help us to remember.

We went out onto the MUGA pitch and Miss Varley told us that we were going to be pirates for the morning and we had to try and steal her treasure. The only problem was we had to pick a card out of a bag with a missing number sentence on to help us to remember our number bonds to 10. If we got the question right, we could take some treasure. If we got it wrong, we had to go back to our team and try and solve it together.

We had so much fun being outside but it also helped us to remember our number bonds in a fun and exciting way.

We wonder what active lesson Miss Varley has up her sleeve for next week?

TASC: Lifecycle of a Butterfly

In science, we have been busy learning about lifecycles and we enjoyed it so much that Miss Varley set us a task and we used TASC to help us to do this.

Task: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Here is what we did:

We were so proud of each other for the work that we had completed that we invited Onyx class to come and have a look as we know that they have been learning about life cycles as well.

We even displayed our work in the classroom for our adults to see in a morning when they came into the classroom.