Gymnastics – Autumn 2 2019

During Autumn 2, we looked at gymnastics in PE.

First we looked at the different shapes you could make in gymnastics.

We learnt that you could use these shapes when you perform different movements in PE. We also learnt how to make the star, dish, arch and straight shapes.

We used the apparatus to learn how to jump correctly.

  • Feet slightly apart
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Look where you want to jump
  • Land on two feet
  • Stand up

Can you guess which shapes we were making in the air?


We have had our second gymnastics session with Rachael our PE coach.We were very excited when we saw that she has put out some equipment for us to use today.

We recapped on the different moves that we learnt last week: straddle, pike and tuck and the different animals that we could be: spider, caterpillar, rabbit, frog and crab.

We were able to learn how to complete forward and backwards roll as well as the egg roll and the teddy bear roll.

We still had to remember to keep our legs nice and straight. After we had completed a movement or roll, we remembered that we had to move into either the straddle, the pike or the tuck to finish our sequence.

Have a look at some of the things that we have completed.


Today, we had our first gymnastics session with our PE coach Rachael.

From our science lessons, we know that exercise is important to help us to be fit and healthy. Exercise makes our hearts beat faster to pump more blood filled with oxygen around our bodies.

First we had to warm ourselves up to make sure that we didn’t hurt ourselves. Rachael told us that we needed to follow one golden rule today. ‘Keep our bodies straight.’ This was harder than it looked. We had to try and touch our toes without bending our legs.

We learnt that there are lots of different moves that we can perform in gymnastics. The first three we learnt were straddle, pike and tuck.

Then we looked at different moves that included animals. This move is called the ‘seal’.

This is a star shape.

Other animals we have looked at were: rabbit, spider, frog and caterpillar.

We have had lots of fun and are looking forward to working with Rachael again next week.


You need to make sure that your PE kit is in school on Wednesdays. Burgendy or white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps.