Pride of Prince Edward

Check out the latest winner from Pearl class of the very prestigious award, Pride of Prince Edward…


Here is why he won…

He is an absolute pleasure to have in class and makes the classroom a brighter place to be. He is kind and considerate to his friends and will always help out a friend in need. He works well with others and can always be found somewhere in the classroom trying to extend his learning independently.

Pride of Prince Edward

The lucky winner of Pride of Prince Edward came from Pearl class today… what a superstar!


This is why she won the award:

She is a fantastic member of Pearl class. She is polite, well mannered and always has a smile on her face. She has a real enthusiasm for her learning and is improving in leaps and bounds every single day with everything that she does. She can be relied upon on to complete work to the highest standard and is a real credit to her classmates and the school.

Pride of Prince Edward

We are very proud to announce that we have our first Pride of Prince Edward award winner in Pearl class for this year.

PoPE Aut 2 - Week 1.jpg

You have been chosen because you are a delight to have in the classroom and you complete all of your work without any fuss. You are kind, considerate and a fantastic friend to anyone in your company. You show sheer determination to make sure that your work, no matter that task, is completes is to the very highest standard. A true superstar!