Storytelling with Andy Messer… Part 3

We have had our final session with Andy Messer… and what an exciting session it was! We picked up exactly where we left off in our second session with Andy and climbed to the top of a tall tree. When we reached the top of the tree, we could see that we were surrounded by dinosaurs. We used our learning journals to make a note of the things that we could see, smell and hear!


Andy found an old watch buried in the ground. We studied it carefully and discovered that there were some initials on the back of the watch.

Who did they belong to? Can you remember?


We went exploring after we heard some rustling of leaves close by. What did we find?


When we returned to the camp site, the weather started to change and we needed to build a shelter to keep ourselves dry and warm.


Once the rain had stopped, we heard some shouting in the distance so we went to investigate… We had found Uncle Albert! The watch belonged to him. The watch was an extra time machine that he had made so that if he ever went missing, Andy would be able to find him!


We have had such an exciting time with Andy over the last 3 weeks. We will be using all of these ideas in our story writing after the half term holidays… We can’t wait to show Andy some of our stories!