Active Maths

In Y2, we have been working hard on remembering our number bonds to 10 to help us with our maths work in class but this week we played a game with a twist to help us to remember.

We went out onto the MUGA pitch and Miss Varley told us that we were going to be pirates for the morning and we had to try and steal her treasure. The only problem was we had to pick a card out of a bag with a missing number sentence on to help us to remember our number bonds to 10. If we got the question right, we could take some treasure. If we got it wrong, we had to go back to our team and try and solve it together.

We had so much fun being outside but it also helped us to remember our number bonds in a fun and exciting way.

We wonder what active lesson Miss Varley has up her sleeve for next week?

Explore Learning Workshop

We had a visit from Emily and her team from Explore Learning.

They brought some maths challenges with them and it was up to us to help them!


We had to follow clues left by the pirates in order to find the treasure. We learnt about clockwise and anticlockwise turns in order to help us find the treasure.


By working together as a team, we helped each other and found all of the treasure.


Mathematicians of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 4 & 5

Take a peek at our two Mathematicians of the Week from Week 4 and Week 5.


Our Week 4 superstar is always looking for differnt ways to complete his maths work during his independent learning time and is wowing the adults in Pearl class with all of his fantastic learning.

Our Week 5 superstar has really applied himself this week when we started to learn how to add using the Dienes. You really impressed the adults and we know that you are going to go far this year!

Well done to both of you!

Maths, maths, everywhere!

Just because it is our KS1 SATs week, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make our learning fun. Today we played a maths game that challenged our understanding of maths problems in numerals and words.

All around the classroom were different maths clues that we had to solve with a partner. It was fun working with a partner to solve the clues!

Sometimes we could do the problem mentally or sometimes we had to use a whiteboard to help us to show our working out.

It was a race to see who finished first! Here are our winners! Well done everyone!


NSPCC Big Board Game Morning

This morning, we had a special treat. Our grown ups were able to stay in the classroom a little longer than normal so that they could play games with us.


We were raising money to support the charity NSPCC. Click here to see more information about what the NSPCC does.

We had a brilliant morning. Thank you to our grown ups for staying and playing with us.