Mathematician of the Week

Congratulations to our final winner of Mathematician of the Week for this half term.


You always work hard and always try your best! Fantastic effort from you! Well done!

Superstar Writer of the Week

A massive well done to our Superstar Writer of the Week this week.


You are making a tremendous effort with your writing! You can use expanded noun phrases, commas in a list and starting to use exclamation sentence when you are writing. Keep it up.


What an exciting morning we have had in Pearl class! Look at our fabulous boats!

Today was the day that we were going to make our boats. We worked together to design our boats and labelled them with all of the correct words. We have learnt that the steering wheel on a boat is actually called a helm. We know that boats have a mast, sails, stern and some boats have a crow’s nest.

Image result for boats clipartImage result for boats clipartImage result for boats clipart

We used a technique called critique to help us today. When we use critique, it is so we can offer our opinions and advice to someone else in the class. We have to make sure that we follow 3 important rules. If we didn’t, we might end up hurting someone’s feelings about their work. These are:

  1. Be kind

  2. Be helpful

  3. Be specific

We started off by choosing the kind of box that we wanted and Miss Varley gave us lots of different materials to choose from to help us. We used different techniques to help us to make sure that things were stuck on tight. We remembered that boats need to be waterproof so that they don’t sink so some of us had to protect the boats that we had made.

Image result for boats clipartImage result for boats clipartImage result for boats clipart

When we were half-way through our boat building session, we had to stop and take a look at what we had completed so far. We moved around the groups to see what everyone else had been working on. Then we chose someone else’s boat to evaluate, remembering the three important rules. Once we had offered advice to someone else, we went back to our boats to complete them. Take a look below at the start and finished products.

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How to continue the learning at home:

  • Take a ride on a boat, maybe at the seaside or on a canal boat.
  • Research different kinds of boats using the Internet.
  • Talk to your child about what they have been learning about in school.
  • Create your own boat from cardboard boxes at home.

Superstar Writer of the Week

Another well done to another superstar in Pearl class. IMG_0387[1].JPG

You continue to impress all of the adults in class with your sounding out and writing unfamiliar words to help you with your writing. This week on the laptops, you were able to work as part of a group, showing other children where the keys were that they needed to use to spell words. 🙂

KS1 Safety Day

This week, we have been learning all about how to keep safe. We moved around the different classrooms and learnt about safety in different ways from all of the KS1 teachers.

First we went to work with Miss Duddle and we were learning all about how to keep safe with our bodies. Exercise is very important to keep us fit and healthy. We also learnt about eating the right kinds of foods to help us to keep fit and healthy.


Next we went to work with Miss Mason and she taught us about how to keep safe in school and around the house.


After that, we went to work with Mrs Wells and learnt what we need to do in an emergency. We used role play to act out different scenarios.

Pearl safety week - CB.jpg

Finally we worked with Miss Varley to learn all about fire safety. We learnt that there are good and bad types of fire. We practised how to STOP, DROP and ROLL if we were ever in a situation where our clothes were on fire and then we worked together as a class to create some fire safety rules. These are proudly displayed in the classroom. Have a look next time you come in.


How to continue the learning at home:

  • Speak to your child about how to stay safe around the home.
  • What are the differences between good and bad fire?