NSPCC Big Board Game Morning

This morning, we had a special treat. Our grown ups were able to stay in the classroom a little longer than normal so that they could play games with us.


We were raising money to support the charity NSPCC. Click here to see more information about what the NSPCC does.

We had a brilliant morning. Thank you to our grown ups for staying and playing with us.

Red Nose Day 2017

To finish off what has been a very busy week, Friday 24th March was Red Nose Day.


We were helping to raise money for good causes around the UK and around the world to support adults and children who are less fortunate than we are.

Click here to learn about what where the money goes from Red Nose Day.

We even had a special themed snack – our favourites were strawberries and grapes!


We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the children and parents for sending your children to school and helping to raise lots of money for others.

Y2 trip to the Medina Mosque

Our RE topic has been ‘What is it like to be a Muslim in Sheffield?’ so to finish off the topic, we visited the Medina Mosque in Sheffield.


Although we had seen lots of pictures and photographs in the classroom, we were excited to see what it actually looked like for ourselves.


After we had taken our shoes off and placed them on the show rack, we were taken into a special room called The Wudu washing room. Muslims make sure that they are completely clean before they enter the prayer room as a sign of respect to Allah. We were shown how a Muslim follows the riutal of Wudu.


Next we were taken inside the prayer room of the Mosque and shown the different features of it. Muslims pray at different times of the day so we saw lots of clocks with different times to show when the next prayer time was.

We had a brilliant time at the Medina Mosque and we would like to say a very special thank you for showing us around. Thank you to our parent helpers to supporting us on the visit.


Superstar Writer of the Week

What a terrific transformation in your writing! You really deserve Superstar Writer this week.


We have been innovating a story to add in our own characters and you have been able to include expanded noun phrases, commands, questions and exclamation sentences in your writing. It was a pleasure to mark your book! Keep it up!

Sewing Skills

This half term, we are learning about how to make puppets in DT.

Do you remember our previous blog post from a few weeks ago when we made finger puppets? Click here to see the post.

Next week, we are going to start designing and making a hand puppet but we don’t want to use glue any more. We need a stronger way to hold our fabric together so we decided that sewing would be a stronger way to keep the fabric together. Before we start to design and make our hand puppets, we need to practise our sewing skills.

We learnt about 2 types of stitch that we can use. They are called the running stitch where the needle goes in and out of the fabric like this.

Image result for running stitch

This is the over stitch where we need to go around the outside of the fabric.

Image result for over stitch

Needles can be really sharp so we had to be careful not to touch the end of the needle otherwise we would hurt our fingers.

This task was something that we couldn’t rush and took a little while to complete but we are pleased that we showed concentration and perseverance to get the job done!

Excellent job everyone!


We had our last football session with the coaches from Sheffield United Community Foundation this week. They were so impressed with how much progress we have made in the last 3 weeks. We definitely have some footballers in the making in Pearl class.


After we had warmed up, we were split into 4 coloured different teams and we had some short games against each other.

IMG_1002 Miss Varley was stood on the sidelines and was the teams’ cheerleader, supporting everyone that was taking part.


Miss Varley saw some fantastic team spirit, some brilliant goals and some even better goal celebrations! At the end of all the matches, we did have a winning team and they were…

IMG_1004A massive thank you to the coaches that have been coming into school to help us with practising our football skills in all weathers. Pearl class have really enjoyed working with you.

Y2 Sports Day

We were so excited to be going on a trip to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield to join in with other Y2 children to do lots of different sport activities. This was run by LINKS that help to run PE in schools across Sheffield.

We left school and had to get two trams. The first one to take us into town and then we had to swap over to catch the second tram to take us to the EIS.

When we arrived at the EIS, we found our seats and then we split up into our teams. Here are some of the activities that we completed on the day.

As we moved around each activity, we got to meet two mascots who came to support the teams and cheer them on.

We had that much fun that we even had 2 children in our class have their wobbly teeth fall out.


At the end of the day, the scores were added up and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were announced. Although we didn’t come in the top three places, our teachers were so impressed with how we were able to work together as a team, showed good sportsmanship and our excellent cheering for each other, everyone was awarded a certificate for taking part and one child from each team was awarded a certificate for being the athlete of the day by showing one of the LINKS sports values.


A fantastic effort from everyone! Well done for being brilliant ambassadors for our school!