Sewing Puppets

We have been working hard this week to design and make our Christmas puppets.

We drew the design into our sketch books, we chosen the colour of the fabric we wanted to use and the colour of thread, then we chose which stitch we wanted to use from our practise session. Then we got busy!

We are super proud of our sewing efforts!

Christmas Party/Jumper Day

On Friday, it was a double whammy for us. Party day and Christmas Jumper Day!

Everyone came dressed in their party clothes and/or Christmas jumpers.

We went into the hall and had the snow machine on. It was so much fun and it felt like it was actually snowing inside the hall. The. We played some party games like pass the parcel, musical statues and we had a dancing competition.

Finally it was back to the classroom to tuck into some delicious party food. We ended our special day with some Christmas karaoke!

Christmas Hampers

Some children in Pearl class were asked to complete a very special job. Normally we would invite members of the community into school and provide them with a delicious Christmas lunch and Y2 would sing some of their favourite songs for them. Unfortunately this year, that hasn’t been possible so instead we went to them.

Miss French drove our brand new minibus about the local area. We were the first children in the whole school to have a ride on the minibus. We were very excited.

We delivered some very special hampers and did some social distancing singing. Everyone was just so pleased to see us and listen to our wonderful singing. We were glad that we could make them smile and we look forward to having them back in school very soon.

Please note that no breaking of the bubbles took place during this afternoon.

To say thank you for our special visits, some of the grown ups gave us some chocolate and some biscuits. We are going to save them for our class Christmas party tomorrow and share them with everyone in Pearl class.

Christmas Assembly with Julie Upton

This week we had our annual Christmas Assembly with Julie Upton from St. Swithens church. We held it over Zoom as we currently cannot have assemblies as normal at the minute. It was lovely to hear a story from Julie and learn all about Christmas.

Julie also told us that she was leaving Sheffield after 10 years here to start a new job in Doncaster. We wish her all the very best of luck from Pearl class and we wished her a very merry Christmas!

Children’s University – December 2020 activities

Did you know that the Children’s University issue activities every month that you can complete at home and still earn CU credits for? Read below to find out more.

We had some fabulous friendship bracelets made back in November that were added to the blog. Will you be added to the blog for the December activities?

You will need: Cardboard tubes, Paint or colouring pens, Coloured Paper (or plain to colour in) Pom-pom’s or other craft items (optional) Stapler, glue, or sticky tape, Colouring pens, Scissors  

Challenge: Cardboard Christmas Elves!

With Christmas on the way, it’s a perfect time to get creative! You don’t need lots of equipment or resources to make these fun little elves, so why not have a go at recycling some toilet roll or kitchen roll middles, and make your very own set? Why not make each one a little different by changing the colours, the shape of their hats, or even give them a beard made from cotton wool? You could even make a Father Christmas to go with them! This challenge is all about being creative, so we’ve given you a few ideas, but we can’t wait to see your finished elves!

Step 1: Cut into the top of the tube at a slant and then fold the cardboard to create a triangle shape in the middle. Repeat on the other side of the tube.

Step 2: Next, paint or colour the bottom half of the cardboard tube. When it’s dry, add some details (belt and buckle, buttons, collars, etc.) either drawn on, or you could stick some craft items on if you have any.=

Step 3: Don’t forget a cheeky, smiley face (or will your elf be grumpy?!)

Step 4: You should have two pointy elf ears by folding the cardboard tube into itself, ready to hold a hat. Using a piece of coloured paper, draw and cut out a large circle and cut the circle in half. Fold half of the circle round to create a cone shape and before sticking or stapling together, make sure it fits snuggly onto the cardboard tube, with the ears sticking out and the two triangles in the middle section are covered. You could stick a little pom- pom (if you have some) or another little circle of card to the top of the hat! Why not add a beard using cotton wool?

Click on the link below to see all of the December activities.