Christmas Party/Jumper Day

On Friday, it was a double whammy for us. Party day and Christmas Jumper Day!

Everyone came dressed in their party clothes and/or Christmas jumpers.

We went into the hall and had the snow machine on. It was so much fun and it felt like it was actually snowing inside the hall. The. We played some party games like pass the parcel, musical statues and we had a dancing competition.

Finally it was back to the classroom to tuck into some delicious party food. We ended our special day with some Christmas karaoke!

Our Schools Grounds

In geography this half term, we are learning about our local area of Manor Top. This week, we focussed on our school grounds. We used Google Maps on the iPads to find Prince Edward Primary School and we saw a birds eye view of school. This means that we looked at school as if we were a bird in the sky.

We used an app called Pic Collage to insert a photograph of our school and used the features in the app to change the background, the colour and font of the writing and added in labels of key features of school as well as adding in a title and an author’s name.

Take a look at our work below…