Superstar Writers of the Week – Summer 1 2018

Each and every child in Pearl class continues to improve their writing on a daily basis. It was so hard to choose a winner each week as there is so many fantastic writers to choose from…

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Superstar Writers of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 4 & 5

Wow! What fantastic writers we have in Pearl class!


Our Week 4 winner is trying so incredibly hard to use his phonics to write down the words that he wants to use. Keep up this amazing work!

Our Week 5 winner is another superstar who is trying amazingly hard to use the correct sounds when he is writing his words.

The adults in Pearl class are so proud of the effort you are both putting in. Keep it up!

Superstar Writer of the Week

In 2017, we have a brand new award to share with everyone. Every week, the teachers in Pearl class are going to choose someone who has excelled in their writing that week.

Well done to our first winner. You get to take a special superstar writer pencil home with you to help you to continue your super writing at home.


Just look at how smiley our first winner is. You have tried so hard in your topic book this week to make sure that your handwriting is joined, legible and neat. Keep up the hard work! 🙂