Superstar Writers of the Week – Summer 1 2018

Each and every child in Pearl class continues to improve their writing on a daily basis. It was so hard to choose a winner each week as there is so many fantastic writers to choose from…

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5



Superstar Writer of the Week – Spring 1 – Week 5

Well done to this week’s Superstar Writer of the Week!


In Literacy, we have been learning about how to write an explanation of how a seed turns into a sunflower. You have impressed the adults this week with your independent writing, remembering to check your writing back to make sure that you hadn’t missed anything!

Superstar Writer of the Week – Spring 1 – Week 3

This week’s Superstar Writer of the Week is…

Spring 1 - Week 3

This young man has been on the radar for Superstar Writer of the Week for a while now. He is trying super hard to use his phonics when writing, using a word fan to spell his tricky words and makes sure that his handwriting is always neat and tidy. There has been a big improvement in your writing, we can’t wait to see how this continues throughout the year!