Superstar Writer of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 6

Our Superstar Writer of the Week was so surprised when she heard that she had won this week!

Autumn 1 - Week 6.JPG

You have really tried hard to make sure that the beautiful neat handwriting you do in your handwriting book matches the quality of writing that you complete in your Literacy book! Fantastic effort!


Superstar Writers of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 4 & 5

Wow! What fantastic writers we have in Pearl class!


Our Week 4 winner is trying so incredibly hard to use his phonics to write down the words that he wants to use. Keep up this amazing work!

Our Week 5 winner is another superstar who is trying amazingly hard to use the correct sounds when he is writing his words.

The adults in Pearl class are so proud of the effort you are both putting in. Keep it up!

Superstar Writer of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 3

A truly deserving Superstar Writer of the Week.


You deserve this award for your fantastic retelling of the story Baboon on the Moon in your own words. You got on without a fuss, remembered to check for capital letters and full stops and even included adjectives and conjunctions into your sentences to add more detail. Well done!

Superstar Writer of the Week – Autumn 1 – Week 2

Just take a look at our fabulous Superstar Writer of the Week.


This young lady has wowed the adults in Pearl class this week. We have been writing super sentences to match images from the silent film ‘Baboon on the Moon’ and you were able to check each sentence for capital letters, full stops, conjunctions and adjectives.

A true superstar!

Superstar Writer of the Week

This week’s Superstar Writer of the Week is…

Summer 2 - Week 5.JPG

All of the adults in Pearl class have been blown away by your writing this week. You make sure that your handwriting is neat, you can read your writing back to check and edit it and it is packed full of interesting vocabulary and sentence types to add excitement to your writing. Fantastic effort – Y3 are lucky to have you!